Space4Africa for a more prosperous continent

The 6th African Space Generation Workshop

The 6th African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW) was a two-day event held in Rabat, Morocco, co-organized by the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and the Moroccan Initiative for the Space Industry. The event aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of space, exchange knowledge, and share best practices among stakeholders, particularly students and young professionals aged between 18-35. The 2022 edition had the theme "Space4Africa for a more prosperous continent," which was broken down into sub-themes and discussed during the event. The 6th AF-SGW was a successful edition thanks to the funding and generosity of the sponsors and the continuous support of the partners.





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The 6th African Space Generation Workshop had the theme “Space4Africa for a more prosperous continent.” This theme sought to encourage the use of space technology for African development. Participants at the two-day event explored space technology sub-themes such as Space Education & Outreach, Space Law & Policy, Space Business, Space Systems & Technology, Space Life Sciences & Applications, Big Data, GIS, entrepreneurship, and other topics.

The Space Education & Outreach panel discussion emphasized the significance of educating the next generation of African space professionals. Participants highlighted the importance of programs that provide students with hands-on experience in space science and technology. The panel also focused on the importance of inspiring and motivating students to seek careers in space technology.
Space Law & Policy was another important sub-theme discussed during the event. The discussion focused on the need for a legal and regulatory framework for the use of space technology in Africa. Participants also discussed the role of African governments in creating policies that promote the use of space technology for development.
The sub-theme on Space Business focused on the need for Africa to create a viable space sector. Participants reviewed the issues confronting Africa’s space sector and the need for new solutions. The discussion also focused on the potential of space technology to provide new business possibilities and encourage African economic growth.
The Space Systems & Technologies sub-theme discussed the most recent developments in space technology and their possible applications in Africa. Delegates emphasized the necessity of African countries collaborating with international organizations to enhance indigenous space technology capabilities.
The Space Life Sciences & Applications sub-theme focused on the possible applications of space technology in Africa’s healthcare, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Participants highlighted the importance of research and development in various fields, as well as the possible impact of space technology on these industries.
The Big Data and GIS sub-themes focused on the application of space technology in data collection and processing. Participants explored how space technology has the ability to deliver reliable and timely data for decision-making in a variety of African sectors, including agriculture, urban planning, and disaster management.
The sub-theme of entrepreneurship focused on the potential of space technology to create new economic opportunities in Africa. Participants highlighted the importance of developing innovative business models that use space technology to develop new products and services. The conversation also focused on the role of incubators and accelerators in assisting African space entrepreneurs.
Media Outreach and Wider Engagement

The media coverage of the 6th Workshop for the African Space Generation played a significant role in broadening the scope of the event and disseminating its discussions to a larger audience. The host university, Université Internationale de Rabat (UIR), actively participated by streaming live sessions on Facebook and YouTube, which enabled those who were not physically present as delegates to join the conversations.
The presence of Moroccan television stations, as well as written press and online media outlets, further amplified the impact of the workshop, ensuring that the message of “Space4Africa for a more prosperous continent” reached a wider audience.